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dS : economy

Modern city. Informed citizens.
DS Economy is an interactive visualization that gives citizens a complete picture of the economy in their city.


cities to citizens

DS Economy provides citizens with a detailed look at all the important city indicators, in a uniform manner. High school and college students get the background and tools to explore and analyze their city by all segments.

Simple but Detailed

Insight into economic indicators trends, the structure of business by size, sector, ownership


Structure and trend of the economy, employment, population, tourism


The ability to search, analyze and rank companies in their city by different criteria


City Overview

Structure and movement of the economic, employment, population, tourism statistics

Companies Overview

Overview of financial indicators of each company in the last 5 years

City Analytics

Detailed analysis of city economy by various criteria - sort, filter, rank

Companies Analytics

Detailed analysis of companies by various criteria - sort, filter, rank

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