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Solutions for smart cities

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A complete solution for modern cities to track their performance and deliver valuable information to their citizens.


This is a step further. We believe that we will once again set the standard for a new way of opening information to citizens” – Boris Miletić, mayor of city of Pula.


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platform for data integration, analytics and visualization

Data is value

Information is power

In today’s competitive digital landscape, big data is becoming the holy grail for modern enterprises. The amount of data is rapidly increasing, bringing on a heavy task of keeping pace with its availability

The problem of big data is finding the right data

Our team will help you drive real value from data in the form of new solutions, actionable plans and better communication with customers
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for governments

Make your citizens actively involved in decision making. Budget, economy, investments – standardize data, show the entire picture

for companies

Achieve a competitive advantage through actionable insights into data. Let technology do the heavy lifting, while you focus on strategic decisions

for marketers

Unlock the power of data by turning it into useful experience. Develop a meaningful and profitable relationship with your audience

Our Solutions

We offer various products and services on dataSimplified platform
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Data Integration

We collect, transform and link your data, optimizing it for easy analysis

Business Analytics

We solve complex analytics and provide you with BI tools and support for your own research

Interactive visualization

We turn information into engaging visual experience for you and your users


Interactive visualizations and tools for business analytics
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For more than 20 years, our company has been active in the area of accounting, financial, tax and spatial analytics, continuously analyzing the past, improving the present, anticipating the future
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Data is value. Information is power.

Today, we have access to more data than ever before, but this amenity comes with certain problems:

Data overload

Organizations are drowning in a mass of data that compromises their ability in making business decisions. How to manage this problem, while preserving your analysts?

Our technology provides a fast and reliable way to keep your data under control
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Influx of information

Managers, heads of local governments, stockholders, but also ordinary citizens; they are all faced with piles of irrelevant information on a daily basis. How do you get their attention with the right content?

We can make the information engaging and compelling
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