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innovative business solutions for efficient data management

COIN d.o.o.

Interdisciplinary company that provides different types of specialized services

The comparative advantage of our company lies in the capacity to instantly bring together different "mindsets" and gather expert opinions from different perspectives

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dataSimplified team

  • ‣ experts in data management and database technology
  • ‣ financial experts (for financial and economic databases)
  • ‣ experts in urban planning (for spatial databases)
  • ‣ experts in web development and UX/UI design
  • ‣ product marketing experts

IT References

Our IT team is specialised in data integration, visualization, and development of business solutions based on BI and GIS platforms.

Our first BI controlling tool for local government units was implemented back in 2008. Today, our database contains an enviable amount of highy structured data, qualified for swift analysis and visualization.

Our solutions are based on open source standards, which makes us adaptable to each requirement, providing our clients with independence and security.