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Business Analytics

Data Exploration

Using our analytical tool, a user can explore its data using the intuitive interface and simple user-friendly tools. Data can be analyzed on any level of detail, rotated, filtered, sorted, and ultimately exported in a form suitable for further analysis in the user's favorite program

Cloud Analytics

Data analysis usually requires a specialized standalone software. Our analytical tool is web based, so a user can explore and analyse his data directly from browser. All the necessary infrastructure is placed at our side, thus giving the user a fast and secure access with zero expenses

Embedded Analytics

Users often have their own application or website and want to publish their analysis results there. Our analytical tool makes it possible by giving the user an easy way to embed tables and graphs in his own solution, in a seamless manner.

Data Connectivity

Since data is nowadays available in a variety of formats and structures, connectivity is of great importance. Our analytical tool can connect to all known databases, as well as newer NoSQL and Big Data technologies such as MongoDB and Hadoop.

Dynamic Visualization

Our analytical tool has built-in support for displaying various types of graphs. User view is dynamically changed as he explores data and creates his own content.

Flexible Architecture

Our platform is modular, in conformity with applicable standards and, thanks to open source, adaptable to all user requirements.