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Modern city. Informed citizens.


cities to citizens

An interactive visualization that gives citizens a complete picture of the economy in their city
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Accurate and thorough

C2C provides a comprehensive view at all important city performance indicators, in a uniform manner
Track City Performance

Insight into economic indicators trends, the structure of business by size, sector, ownership

Explore Multiple Topics

Economy, employment, population and tourism data, at your disposal anytime

Analyze Companies

The ability to search, analyze and rank companies in their city by different criteria

Designed for...

Citizens and students

Understand how your city operates. Propose strategies and solutions. Get involved in decision making

Governments and agencies

Track changes in different performance fields and generate annual reports and PR materials with ease

Private companies

See where your company stands comparing to other companies in the city. Get essential information to help you grow

Four in One

and growing...

Explore 4 big topics


Structure and movement of population statistics. Natural growth, employment and unemployment

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Detailed information on arrivals, overnight stays, structured by origin country and type of accommodation facilities

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Financial indicators of economic structure and business performance of the city in the last 5 years

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Explore companies in the city by various criteria. Ranking lists, filters, data sorting and much more

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From basic information to detailed analysis, each topic comes packed with 2 modules


Basic information on performance indicators of a selected topic


Detailed analysis by various criteria. Mining, sorting, filtering, ranking

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