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Budget. Economy. Population.

All For One and One For All.
"Type in a city, municipality or county" and you will get a set of interesting information on the local unit of your interest

In the background...

CROračun integrates different datasets, including data from opendata and other public portals, and data available on the market

Who's it for?

Local and Regional Government

With CROračun every local unit is able to instantly discover their advantages or disadvantages compared to other similar local units, set specific goals and performance indicators

Analysts, scientists, students, journalists

CROračun simplifies long and tiring researches, providing users with simple data displayed in a graphical or tabular format


Premium version of CROračun will be available soon, it will include a set of advanced tools and modules for detailed comparison and ranking of local units on various criteria. CROračun enables each local unit to find out their advantages and disadvantages compared to other similar local units, to set concrete objectives and performance indicators
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