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Data Integration

Data Collection

Continuous development of technology provides access to large amount of data in electronic form. It can be downloaded from anywhere and in a variety of formats, either structured (e.g. databases) or unstructured (e.g. documents, web pages, emails, audio/video records, images, files). We provide the tools required to gather all this data, combine them and link to any existing data or other external sources

Data Cleansing

Source data is often inconsistent and poorly structured. Such data is not of sufficient quality for further use, whether for reporting, analysis or visualization. We analyze it in order to identify incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant parts and cleanse them by replacing, modifying or deleting dirty data

Data Transformation

Transformation and cleansing are complementary services. Source data is not structured in a way suitable for its storage, because the storage structure is a reflection of the specific business model. That’s why we take a series of different transformation steps, shaping the data and converting it into a more suitable format

Data Storage

Cleansed and transformed data must be organized in some formal structure. We are storing data in a robust database system, structured in a special way that allows its fast and efficient analysis and visualisation, in order to support wise and timely business decision making