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Efficient administration. Informed citizens.

Strengthens citizen participation in local governance, increases the transparency and responsibilities of cities

From complex to simple

Transforming piles of unorganized documents to interactive visualizations...

Content rich and user-friendly

Integrates budget and actual data for all budget categories and levels, provides users with tools for detailed and comprehensive analysis


Comes with two modules - Q&A analytics and Advanced Analytics

Get visualized answers to frequently asked questions

Advanced Analytics

Analyze and filter data at all levels and by all criterias

Designed for...

Local and regional government

openBudget reduces the time spent on internal reporting and provides a high-quality basis for decision making. With openBudget you can say goodbye to tedious searches over tons of documents and spreadsheets. The information is always at your fingertips, organized and instantly available


Allows citizens to better understand the budgeting process and actively participate in budget related decision making

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